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Tue Jul 7 08:20:12 UTC 2015

Hi Ahmed,

Welcome to OpenJDK!  A great place to ask these types of questions in is
the adoption group <>. I'll CC them
in here so you can see what mailing list to sign up for.

Some answers inline:

On 7 July 2015 at 08:19, Ahmed Ashour <asashour at> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Hope you are fine.
> I am one of the developers of HtmlUnit, which is an open-source headless
> browser simulator in java (Chrome, FF, and IE). It supports JavaScript,
> DOM, CSS, etc.
> My current OpenJDK interest is Nashorn, and the plan is replace Rhino with
> it, in the next months.

Great! Nashorn is a very strong replacement and improvement on Rhino.

> There are some general points I would like to take your opinion about:
>     - What is the right place to ask about general/user Nashorn questions?
> As I guess nashorn-dev is not the right place for basic ones.

Stackoverflow is actually a pretty good place for Nashorn questions

>     - Since the development is in JDK 9 mainly, what is commonly used IDE?
> Eclipse support for Java 9 [1] doesn't work at the moment.

All 3 major IDEs have early access versions with Java 9 support.  Please
not that in particular the modularisation work in JDK9 is not yet feature
complete and so there will likely be many glitches:

* Eclipse
* NetBeans <>
* IntelliJ 14.1 <>

>     - I believe the JDK source code should be a model, for all Java
> developers.  I guess there is no code style tool used, but I am not sure
> why.

Each OpenJDK project maintains its own code style (the reasons are probably
long forgotten in history).  As change sets that are purely stylistic in
nature can cause merge issues in large code bases, coming to a common style
in OpenJDK is not a priority at this stage.  That said, the Adoption Group
has been exploring some tools and processes that could be used.  Jump over
there if you'd like to get involved.

>     - In Mercurial, what is the difference between jdk9/dev and jdk9/jdk9
> [2]

jdk9-dev is the development forest for JDK9 corelibs and some other APIs.
 jdk9/jdk9 is more like the semi-stable integration forest for all of
OpenJDK '9', it has regular merges in from Hotspot, Nashorn, langtools and
jaxws. If you are a fairly casual contributor/explorer then jdk9 is the one
you want to base things off.

> - What is the list to post typos patch for 'javax.script' package [3], is
> it nashorn-dev or jdk9-dev?

nashorn-dev in the first instance, the helpful people there will advise if
it needs to go to jdk9-dev as well.

> Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Hope that helps!


> Ahmed
> [1][2][3]

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