Adopt OpenJDK hackday: July 2015

Mani Sarkar sadhak001 at
Mon Jul 20 22:42:41 UTC 2015

Hi All,

As we have been announcing via social media about our Hackday last weekend,
we finally had it, and it was very busy with various small groups working
on different aspects of OpenJDK and Java ME.

It was our first hackday where Testing Java Early got a lot of focus, as
compared to previous ones where Building OpenJDK took precedence.

Thanks @Will, @Chris, @Julius and others who were trying to build using
JDK9, Maven, and Gradle, please share your findings with us - we would like
to keep everyone informed.

We also had two instances of not being able to load the VM on a Windows
machines and in both cases we took an alternative route:
- attempted to build OpenJDK on Amazon EC2 instance (with success) - thanks
Allison for your patience, looking forward to your blog post.
- attempted to build OpenJDK on a CI server (CircleCI in this case) -
Carlos was busy with it, I hope he will get back to us when he has had

Anton was busy with fixing build warnings in the .cpp files - his patch
should be on its way to the respective mailing list.

Two of the newbie adoptors were fastinated with OpenJDK, and decided to
continue with the project at home i.e. with the help of the gitbook.

Richard and I were talking about Java 9 features and how we could make
everyone aware of whats coming and how to use these commands and features.

Not forgetting Salesforce and Heroku for their support by hosting us and
providing breakfast and lunch.

Thanks to all those who came, looking forward to your contributions.


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