Fwd: OpenJdk Mirror for Github

Mo Sch moritz.schleunes at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:21:52 UTC 2015


recently Microsoft open sourced their CLR Runtime on github and gained a
lot of interest from various developers.

Is there something that stops openjdk from doing the same? This is probably
a big effort mirroring openjdk and tracking pull requests but it should be
worth the effort.

Most open source developer are on github anyway. This would also attract
new developers who most likely start at github and may not even know the
existence of OpenJdks Mercurial repos.

Looking at the recent success from Microsoft using github it should be
serious considered at oracle having at least an actively maintained tree of
openJdk at github .

Maybe it will be enough to upload just a few cool projects like sumatra or
Graal / truffel for example.

That would reduce the overhead and still should attract a lot of new

Just my 2 cents

So long


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