OpenJdk Mirror for Github

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Mon Jul 27 17:24:49 UTC 2015

Hi Moritz,

Never say never, but unlikely to happen in the short term.  We are working
on Betterrev - an experiment to have a clone of popular OpenJDK forests
hosted on BitBucket to allow a similar workflow.  If you're interested in
helping out, let us know!


On 27 July 2015 at 18:21, Mo Sch <moritz.schleunes at> wrote:

> Hi,
> recently Microsoft open sourced their CLR Runtime on github and gained a
> lot of interest from various developers.
> Is there something that stops openjdk from doing the same? This is probably
> a big effort mirroring openjdk and tracking pull requests but it should be
> worth the effort.
> Most open source developer are on github anyway. This would also attract
> new developers who most likely start at github and may not even know the
> existence of OpenJdks Mercurial repos.
> Looking at the recent success from Microsoft using github it should be
> serious considered at oracle having at least an actively maintained tree of
> openJdk at github .
> Maybe it will be enough to upload just a few cool projects like sumatra or
> Graal / truffel for example.
> That would reduce the overhead and still should attract a lot of new
> developers.
> Just my 2 cents
> So long
> Moritz

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