BetterRev Discussion Points

Edward Yue Shung Wong edward.ys.wong at
Wed Mar 18 00:25:04 UTC 2015

*TL;DR - Need help on Oauth 1.0a via Bitbucket & discuss server processing

Hiya everyone,

Many thanks to everyone that attended the Hack the Tower session on
Saturday. We made some decent progress into the BetterRev app. (cheers

The last we left it, I believe we were stuck on using Oauth to authenticate
users against Bitbucket. We need to do this so we can both verify who the
user is and get access to their Bitbucket information. Naively I'd say we
would be doing this from the AngularJS app but I believe Enrico found an
article which pointed to security flaws of such an approach... (I can't
find the link)

If you have experience with Oauth 1.0a, please speak to us :)

Going back to the server processing model, the last we left it everything
was still using Akka. Martijn was told we were "dong it wrong" and the
difficulty in testing the code was an issue. I'm happy to try again with
Akka or go with a different solution.



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