JCP EC, Java ME and IoT etc

Carl Jokl carl at
Wed Nov 4 15:12:55 UTC 2015

Dear All

I am looking at the logistics of trying to step up the work on IoT / JavaME
for the London Java Community. It has been good having the Hack the Tower
sessions once a month but I am not sure if this is enough or whether I
should try and organise more regular sessions of my own. A venue would be
needed. I might be able to use London Hackspace as I have a membership
there. I work at the Mail Online and a colleague has been able to run a
book club on Lambda calculus with external people. I don't think I could
organise anything using the offices here until I have completed my
probation period at the very least and security is quite tight.

The impending JCP Executive Committee elections are imminent and this
reminds me I am not as far along with this as I wanted to be by now. I want
to step up the effort to show I am serious about getting it done. I didn't
go to the trouble of getting my company in the JCP not to see this through.

I would appreciate any suggestions about how to step up the effort and get
some regular flow working with Java ME so that it has a good flow as the
Open JDK hacking now has.


Carl Jokl
Jokl Technologies Limited

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