Community-Help for the core-team in deadline-times

Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at
Fri Nov 20 13:44:58 UTC 2015


a few days ago i had a chat with Martijn about the actual response-times
for requests to review and discussion.

It seems to be that the observed slower response in the last weeks are
due to javaone, devoxx and the nearing Feature-Complete (FC) date.
see for details.

I think it is totally clear that these three events are one reason why
requests for review and discussion are taking a little bit longer, and
to clear things up, I am totally fine with this. Even if i ask for
"help" at this list a few days ago, I am not slowed down in my
enthusiasm for OpenJDK by this.

The problem could be that some fresh contributors could get a wrong
image in such times.

I would like to help in such times by answering (long unanswered)
requests by helping contentual where possible or just with the
explanation why it could take some extra time to get an contentual
answer. And maybe some readers of adoption-discuss can help in some way

I think you also have some additional ideas, what could be done in such
times from the community. Could you please answer to this mail and write
about your ideas?

Your thoughts are also very welcome if you think that this type of help
I would offer is not advisable
<>, or any other
thoughts you have about this topic.

An naturally the helpers in such a program need to know the
"near-deadline/bigEvent-work-weeks" to prepare/organise helping. Ideas
of how we can get this information is very welcome.


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