JOSM feedback on Java 7,8,9, including Jigsaw EA

Vincent Privat vincent at
Sat Oct 31 13:40:22 UTC 2015

Hi Alan,
Thanks a lot for your answers and guidance. We will follow-up bugs with
appropriate mailing lists and attach test cases every time possible.
Best regards,

2015-10-31 11:47 GMT+01:00 Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at>:

> On 30/10/2015 15:29, Vincent Privat wrote:
> :
> - Some issues didn't make it to the public JIRA and remained in the
> private bug database. Can we please have more information on them (why have
> they apparently been rejected)? The incident numbers
> are JI-9009025, JI-9010791, JI-9009449, JI-9008003.
> Incidents submitted via have historically been hit or miss.
> I don't know why these four were not moved to the JDK bug database, but
> here they are now:
> JI-9009025 =>
> JI-9010791 =>
> JI-9009449 =>
> JI-9008003 =>
> The OpenJDK mailing lists aren't a support channel but reproducible test
> cases are a wonderful way to contribute. So if you have test cases or
> patches that can be added to these bugs for the issues that are in OpenJDK
> then it's best to follow-up on the appropriate mailing list (likely awt-dev
> or swing-dev for some of these).
> :
> Finally:
> - We had a terrible experience when trying to report a bug against JAXP.
> We detected a severe data corruption problem in StaX when dealing with
> Unicode SMP characters, so we reported it, including a sample Java program
> 100% reproducible, in January 2013 (JAXP-76 on JIRA). As no
> activity was visible on this JIRA instance, we tried to use the standard
> Java bug report, three times, without success, with incident
> numbers 2431783 (2013-01-23), 2627098 (2013-10-28) and 9048481
> (2014-11-28), without any answer. On 2014, November 29th we discovered by
> chance that the bug had finally been detected and fixed internally, as
> JDK-8058175 (created and resolved in September 2014). We reported back to
> the public JAXP JIRA instance, again without any answer. 6 months later we
> finally got the ironic and laconic answer "Please report issues to the
> OpenJDK Bug System", which was exactly was we were trying to do for 2
> years! Can you please tell us why our bug reports were all silently ignored
> while the bug was real, and if is it still worth reporting bugs against
> JAXP? Thankfully we had far better experiences with other components of the
> JDK.
> JAXP development moved from the project to OpenJDK in early
> 2012. The project main page should be clearer on this point. I wasn't aware
> there was a JIRA instance but it probably should be shut down to avoid
> confusion.
> In any case, here is the mapping:
> 2431783 =>
> 2627098 => this one is on the old Sun web incident reporting system, I
> don't know how to move it to JIRA but it seems to be a dup of JDK-8141097
> or JDK-8058175.
> JI-9048481 =>
> As you note, JDK-8058175 has been fixed in JDK 9 builds for some time
> (since jdk9-b31). If you can verify the fix with the JDK 9 builds then you
> could lobby on jdk8u-dev to have it back-ported to 8u.
> -Alan.

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