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Rahman USTA rahman.usta.88 at
Mon Sep 14 16:48:48 UTC 2015

Hello all;

That is great to see Jigsaw in Action!!

I tried and followed
the paths below;

Compiling Module

cd 001
javac -d mods/com.greetings src/com.greetings/

Running Module

java -modulepath mods -m com.greetings/com.greetings.Main

Linking Module

jar --create --archive=mlib/com.greetings.jar
--main-class=com.greetings.Main -C mods/com.greetings .

Creating archieve

jlink --modulepath %JAVA_HOME%/jmods;mlib --addmods com.greetings
--output greetingsapp

After last step, greetingsapp folder generated with all Jigsaw modules. How
can I include just base mod or other compact mods ?


2015-09-11 10:53 GMT+03:00 Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at>:

> On 10/09/2015 22:21, Mani Sarkar wrote:
>> Hi Alan,
>> Thanks for the detailed explanation and it would be great to find this in
>> your docs - I will link to it.
>> The reasons I understood, jimage might go away, as I read this
>> https://bugs.*openjdk* <
>> Yeah, it is confusing. That JBS issue tracked the creation of temporary
> image builder tool to use in JDK 9 until we had jlink. In jigsaw/jake then
> this image building tool has been removed and the build changed to create
> the run-time images with jlink. The Dependences section of JEP 261 has a
> few words on this.
> -Alan.

Rahman USTA
Istanbul JUG <>

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