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Manuela Grindei manuelag2004 at
Fri Aug 5 12:44:51 UTC 2016

Thank you both for explaining the process, it's very useful to understand the flow. 

I emailed the group you indicated about my intention to create a patch for that issue and I'm now waiting for feedback. I'll let you know if there are any objections.


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On 05.08.2016 10:13, Martijn Verburg wrote:
> Sounds convoluted?  There's strong reasoning behind it, basically
> *great* caution and restraint must be applied to changing a version of
> Java already in PRD use by 100's of millions of applications :-). For
> the full list of ground rules for contributing to Java 8 updates
> see
> <>groundrules.html
> @Manuela - let us know how you get on over at the jdk8u-dev mailing
> list, if you get stuck please ask here! :-)

Fwiw, the reasoning for "post ideas first, patches later" is slightly 
different : not all ideas are as good upon reflection as they may 
initially seem - for example, the Project might not be interested in 
P4/P5 issues at a particular point in time, because they are ramping 
down towards a release.

So inquiring about an idea first avoids the typical, frustrating open 
source situation where someone just goes ahead and does something, 
assuming they are doing the world a service, but the world at large does 
not care about that particular thing at the time, or someone else has 
already done it, or whatever other reasons there are for things to go 

That's often a very frustrating experience for the submitter, as they 
had sunk their heart and effort into something assuming they'd be doing 
something good, and for the recipients, as they have to deal with those 
frustrations rather than with the issues they wanted to deal with already.

A good way to avoid that problem is to make people talk about things 
they plan to do first, before they invest themselves into them. If no 
one joins in the conversation, it may turn out that the idea is not as 
worth doing to others as it may initially seem, for example.

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