JAVAP - change to interpretation of some cmd line options

John Crowley jdcrowley at
Fri Aug 26 14:01:43 UTC 2016

Working with javap version 1.8.0_66 and have found a couple of anomalies.

Found the following, and if these changes are acceptable will post to the bug database. (Or someone may know of JDK9 changes which override these.)

-verbose outputs the generated code whether -c is present or not

Change: only output code if -c is present

Rationale: -verbose is needed to generate some other information, but the code can be excessive. This would promote -c to be the single parameter used to control code output. If the consensus is to define -verbose as producing all information, could then add a -noc parameter to explicitly suppress the code.

-s outputs the Descriptor (erasure type), but not the Signature (full type with generic information)

Change: Have -s output both the Descriptor and the Signature.

Rationale: Current on-line help implies that both will be generated, and the Signature contains more information than the Descriptor.


John Crowley
Westport, CT

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