Adoption Group "projects" in maven central

Chris Newland cnewland at
Tue Feb 23 13:20:00 UTC 2016


What is the opinion on having a maven central group id of org.adoptopenjdk
for Adoption projects?

Official OpenJDK Projects (capital P) such as JMH use the maven group id
prefix org.openjdk but perhaps it would be useful to have a "junior" repo
for projects (lowercase p) that Adoption is "incubating" ?

Reason for enquiring is that I've been asked to put JITWatch into maven
central so people can integrate it more easily and would lke to keep the
association with the Adoption group if possible.

It's been an unofficial "project" (lowercase p - I'm aware Adoption
doesn't sponsor any Projects) since Martijn asked me to donate it back in

The JITWatch Java package prefix is org.adoptopenjdk.jitwatch



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