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Wed Feb 24 20:31:32 UTC 2016

Hi Dalibor,

I've got some extra clarification on this, inline.

On 24 February 2016 at 16:38, dalibor topic <dalibor.topic at>

> On 23.02.2016 14:20, Chris Newland wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Chris,
> thank you for raising the question! It hasn't really come up much in the
> past, as there were only two OpenJDK Projects that ended up on Maven,
> thanks to third party packagers.
> So I'll try to give a longer answer, with references, and so on, in order
> to be able to refer back to it later, if necessary. ;)
> What is the opinion on having a maven central group id of org.adoptopenjdk
>> for Adoption projects?
> Looking at
> "groupId will identify your project uniquely across all projects, so we
> need to enforce a naming schema. It has to follow the package name rules,
> what means that has to be at least as a domain name you control"
> Given that is not a domain you control, using it as a
> Maven group id would seem like a bad choice to me.

We did own this and let it lapse but I'm hoping to get it back soon.

> Official OpenJDK Projects (capital P) such as JMH use the maven group id
>> prefix org.openjdk but perhaps it would be useful to have a "junior" repo
>> for projects (lowercase p) that Adoption is "incubating" ?
> I don't think that would be very useful, as that there is no separate
> "incubation" process in OpenJDK. Projects in OpenJDK are created following
> the process outlined at .
> In general, I don't think that trying to encourage the migration of
> existing, established open source projects into the OpenJDK community is a
> very good idea, unless there is a well-defined, obvious benefit for JDK
> Release Projects like JDK 9, such as the implementation of a new feature
> being considered for a future JDK release, with ongoing maintenance being
> expected to be undertaken within the OpenJDK Community.
> If there isn't, then the amount of work necessary to get to the point
> where a new Project can be proposed for discussion typically dwarfs any
> potential benefits of being part of the OpenJDK Community for such efforts.
> Even though that's very different from how other large open source
> communities work, I'd argue that it's actually a good thing, as it keeps
> the OpenJDK Community largely focused on development of the JDK.

So Jitwatch could be seen as a valuable tool within the code tools
Project.  I know that many of the Hotspot engineers use it (much like they
use JMH).  Perhaps Chris can discuss that with those groups though.

> Reason for enquiring is that I've been asked to put JITWatch into maven
>> central so people can integrate it more easily
> I think that's a fine idea.
> and would lke to keep the
>> association with the Adoption group if possible.
> I believe that's what the Developer roles of the Maven POM are for - for
> example, looking at you
> could provide the role 'OpenJDK Adoption Group Participant', to establish
> the link back to this Group, or even 'OpenJDK Quality Outreach participant'
> to make note of the fact that JITWatch is regularly and well tested with
> upcoming JDK releases in its POM.
> The JITWatch Java package prefix is org.adoptopenjdk.jitwatch
> According to Maven POM documentation at
> ,
> "Note that the dot-notated groupId does not have to correspond to the
> package structure that the project contains."
> So from that perspective, I think it'd be fine to pick any domain name
> that you control as your groupId.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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