Building Valhalla/JDK9 on Windows

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Wed Jan 20 08:04:14 UTC 2016

Hi Stephen,

maybe a dump question, but if you do 'dir
in your cygwin shell, does it work?

You could also run configure with the '--debug-configure' option.
Maybe you get some more hints?


On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 10:08 PM, Stephen Colebourne
<scolebourne at> wrote:
> I have just tried building both Valhalla and JDK9 on Windows and failed
> with the following error during "bash configure":
> bash configure --with-freetype-src=c:/apps/freetype
> ...
> checking if fixpath can be created... yes
> checking if fixpath.exe works... no
> Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 16.00.40219.01 for x64
> Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
> fixpath.c
> c1 : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file:
> 'c:/Users/stephen/.babun/cygwin/e/dev/valhalla/jdk9/common/src/fixpath.c':
> No such file or directory
> configure: error: fixpath did not work!
> Using Babun shell
> Windows 7 Professional
> Have previously successfully compiled OpenJDK (not recently), so have
> freetype and compilers
> While it is possible that I might have out of date compilers/freetype, the
> error I'm getting doesn't seem related to anything out of date.
> Any suggestions?
> Stephen

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