Java outreach page might need updating

Mani Sarkar sadhak001 at
Sat Nov 12 19:23:22 UTC 2016

Hi Dalibor,

This evening we had an online VJug session with LJC and IceJUG. One of the
participants brought to my notice one piece of information on the outreach
page at I found a
few more thereafter and thought I share it with you and the others.

I'll list the issues as I remember them:
- Info about fatal error mention on permgen, this one has changed - the
severity has been lowered by a new change to JDK9 - thanks Patrick
- the link to email to the adoption discuss group does not directly lead to
the page where users can sign up and then be able to send emails to the
- some information about changes to access to unsafe or other apis that are
going to be restricted for developers, was missing
- information on apis those deprecated in java 9 but will be removed in
java 10, is also missing
- performance info
  - changes that may/will improve performance
  - changes that may/will deteriorate  performance
  - changes may/will have no performance impact
- backward compatibility info
    - changes that may/will break compatibility
    - changes may/will have no impact on compatibility
    - workaround suggestions to stay compatible with older versions of Java

I understand the last two are harder topics to cover and do justice on.
That's why I'd like to suggest the categories and subcategories.

It's highly likely you have the information mentioned above in some form or
shape on the outreach page. But it would still help if they were marked
explicitly with these titles/subtitles as there were many questions during
our session, regarding these topics and we didn't have a canonical source
to point them onto. So our answers were what we could pull out of our
memories from past experiences.

I appreciate jdk9/jigsaw is a moving target and we are at the bleeding

Thanks for putting the content together, they have been helped and have
good detail in it.

I hope this helps.

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