GitLab CI

Karl-Philipp Richter krichter at
Wed Dec 6 00:46:56 UTC 2017

I've spent a lot of time yesterday in order to build an OpenJDK with
debugging symbols included, regardless of whether it might be provided
by pre-built binaries. I know that there's a CI infrastructure, however
I experienced a lot of built issues with different version (8, 9, 10)
and on different Systems, e.g. the branch jdk9/dev only builds on Ubuntu
14.04 and 16.04, but not 17.10 and 18.04 and possibly others, which
means you're accepting patches which break the build (I hope not!), not
testing important versions of popular systems or the build instructions
are incomplete/my script is wrong (based on those instructions).

CI services and their integration with code hosters has become popular
in the last decade and there're a lot of available services, but in my
experience only GitLab has maximal flexibility by allowing CI build
scripts to run in arbitrary docker images.

So, I suggest to mirror to (assuming you don't have your own
GitLab instance) and use their CI to test the get a simple reproduction
of the build instructions working on 100% of popular systems, like
Ubuntu. Intensive and hard-to-port tests running on Jenkins don't need
to be ported there.

I already suggested Travis CI scripts as github PRs, but they only make
sense if tight integration with github is desired. You can leave them
open so that they can be found easier in order to avoid the same (small)
work to be done twice.

Thanks for a possiblity to use OpenJDK with much less headache :)


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