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Hi all,

Thought folks might find what the LJC gets up to interesting.  Again the
topic of easy to tackle bugs for newbies came up.  We still have some
thinking to do on this.


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Hi Folks,

As promised at the OpenJDK session of Saturday’s Hack The Tower event, here
is a quick write-up of ideas that arose.

*Update the OpenJDK VirtualBox VM. *
It needs a few updates, so it would be good to have a new one that “just
I’ll look into this, also the alternative of a simple Docker script which
Mani Sarkar has kindly offered to help with.
One such update is the requirement for a newer version of gcc (eg 4.8), as
gcc 4.6 is too old to build JDK9 now. This should really be checked by the
`configure` script, so that we get notified beforehand rather than having
to wait a significant time for the build to fail then more time
investigating the cause. I have taken this up with the build-dev mailing

*Copying files from Mac to PC.*
Found various tips for the seemingly simple task of transferring large
files (namely VM image) from Mac to Windows 10 by USB stick. Thanks for all
the ideas guys, we got there in the end!
Anyone fancy writing airdrop for Windows? It must be possible :-)

*Work through the process of fixing an actual bug in JDK, at a future Hack
I’d really like to try this so I’ll look for some suitable sized tasks,
which itself can be tricky. Of course a large part of the bug-fix effort is
the pre-work discussions and  post-work review / approval on the relevant
mailing lists. This comes as a shock to many OpenSource developers, but is
a crucial part of the process given the stability of Java and the millions
of people who depend on it. If you’d like to take part in this please let
me know so that we can get the pre-work discussions underway before the
actual Hack Day.

Best Regards

Mike Burton

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