Producing community binaries for OpenJDK

Tim Ellison t.p.ellison at
Sun Mar 12 13:31:10 UTC 2017

On 11/03/17 10:10, dalibor topic wrote:
> On 09.03.2017 18:43, Ben Evans wrote:
>> I'm looping in adoption-discuss, AdoptOpenJDK and Martijn, as I'm not
>> sure how many other folk are reading openjdk-binary.
> As far as I can tell that mailing list seems private - i.e. the 'view
> this discussion' URL below is not readable for me, so I'm not sure if I
> have enough context about what is being proposed to comment.
>> Adoption folk - what do we think? Does this fit under the existing
>> structure?
> The Adoption Group in OpenJDK does not host code. That's what Projects
> do. ;)

Right, and that's why I was tentative in asking if this is the right
place to hold the discussions.  I came here because of the related
history of this group's activities, but if it is not a good fit I'm
happy to revert to the google groups discussion list.

> From the perspective of considering a separate OpenJDK Project that
> collects various source code build scripts, patches, folk wisdom, etc. -
> if I understand the purpose of the thread - I think the Build Group
> would be a better place to discuss it, as people actually building the
> JDK across many platforms are already there.

No, it would not be a separate OpenJDK project, rather the adopt group
would be discussing how the build scripts are executed to produce a
usable binary, and have a shared place to work on the building of
OpenJDK.  Of course, if there are any requests of the build group, etc
discussion will take place over there.

> In fact, one such Project already exists:
> . It's not clear to me what if
> anything different from it is being discussed or proposed here.

Hopefully you see that it is not another project, but rather more
"accelerate adoption" work.


>> Tim - assuming that it does, what practical things can AdoptOpenJDK do
>> to help you?
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
>> On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:15 PM, Tim Ellison <Tim_Ellison at>
>> wrote:
>>> I've now got some cycles for actually doing some build work around
>>> OpenJDK.
>>> There are a couple of colleagues here at IBM who can also contribute
>>> to the
>>> build process.
>>> It seems that the closest starting point for community build/test is the
>>> fine work that was done as part of the Adopt OpenJDK project; though it
>>> looks like that has been quiet for a while?
>>> So we have started "from scratch" this week and are writing some build
>>> scripts we'd like to move into the open and share with folks.  It
>>> will start
>>> simple, building Linux x86_64 and rolling out to Mac, PPC, and Windows.
>>> Likewise starting with some JTReg testing, and building that out to more
>>> meaningful tests.  We like Git, so it's currently housed in a private
>>> Git
>>> repo.
>>> The goal is to have a continuous integration system pulling from
>>> OpenJDK and
>>> producing community binaries that are built using a fully open build
>>> system,
>>> so everyone can validate how it was created, and the dependencies and
>>> patches that it includes, etc.  Of course, the idea is that changes
>>> that are
>>> relevant to OpenJDK source end up back there; but there will always
>>> be build
>>> specific-files, and point-in-time patches required to produce a working
>>> binary.
>>> If there is enough flexibility at the Adopt OpenJDK project, I'd
>>> prefer to
>>> push the code there and continue working under that organization; but
>>> understand if that project would prefer we set up our own space
>>> elsewhere.
>>> Just to be clear, I'm not proposing to open up IBM's Java build system
>>> (believe me, you wouldn't want to have that!); it's much simpler than
>>> that
>>> -- just a CI clone/build/test/publish cycle, and then see where
>>> things go
>>> from there.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Tim
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