Producing community binaries for OpenJDK

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Mon Mar 13 09:38:52 UTC 2017

On 12.03.2017 14:31, Tim Ellison wrote:
> Right, and that's why I was tentative in asking if this is the right
> place to hold the discussions.  I came here because of the related
> history of this group's activities, but if it is not a good fit I'm
> happy to revert to the google groups discussion list.

Per this 
list is for "General discussion about bundling and aiding OpenJDK 
collaboration" - so as long as it fits under that (fairly broad, in my 
opinion, and this certainly does ;) umbrella, you're absolutely welcome 
to use this list.

>> In fact, one such Project already exists:
>> . It's not clear to me what if
>> anything different from it is being discussed or proposed here.
> Hopefully you see that it is not another project, but rather more
> "accelerate adoption" work.

Sure - I am still curious what the specific technical differences are 
between what you're planning to do and what's been done before with 
IcedTea. I assume some kind of 'learning from past' or differential 
analysis has been done by someone before the idea was shared more 
broadly, so it would be interesting to see it shared with this list.

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