Producing community binaries for OpenJDK

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Tue Mar 14 12:11:41 UTC 2017


As I consider this feature really missing, I would like to dontate my $0.02:

If you - Oracle, community, IBM whoever rich enough -  will provide..well donate -  an reasonable 
fast machine[0], I will offer my time and my code[1]  to establish proper 
pull-snapshot-build-offerImages (later also test) for all reasonable forests on and
If this is working fine, it would be awesome to include it like some service.
I do this already for years, to have pre-releases for fedora packages.


[0]usually something like x3500 tower server with 2x2.5gh 8core xeon and about 72Gb ram, which can 
run 6 builders in time -  is enough.

[1] 99% is done by this jenkins plugin - the 
missing 1% is jenkins job configuration, which does not much sense to push public  without comunity 
around. it is forest-pull script and absolute minimal build scripts to provide both fastdebug and 
release static builds for linuxes and windows. Some 20kb with a patch allowing generic builds on 
"oldest possible linux"

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