Producing community binaries for OpenJDK

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Wed Mar 29 08:59:41 UTC 2017

Hi Dalibor,

On 28 March 2017 at 14:10, dalibor topic <dalibor.topic at> wrote:

> On 23.03.2017 15:30, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>> * A place to try out build infra ideas that might one day be promoted
>> to OpenJDK proper
> As long as we're talking about flow of ideas, that might make sense.
> If the expectation is that patches and build infra code would get promoted
> into OpenJDK, I think that's very unlikely, as OpenJDK requires an OCA for
> contributions, while GitHub does not. So over time, the cost of untangling
> who did what in some random GitHub repo in order to arrive at something
> that can be contributed tends to overshadow any benefit from such
> accumulations of code.

Sure, that's actually a cycle I want to introduce (some sort of CLA) but
appreciate the IP flow here.

> In short, if you are expecting to see actual source code, rather than just
> ideas, eventually flow into OpenJDK, you should look at creating an OpenJDK
> Project.

Which we might do if this thing has legs, but it has a long way to go to
see if it's useful or desirable yet.

> A key idea is that the entirety of the build infrastructure (servers,
>> build scripts etc) will be open and auditable so that end users can
>> know exactly how a binary was built.
> That's typically already the case for distribution provided binaries.
> Consider for example
> us/fetch.php?pkg=openjdk-8&arch=ppc64&ver=8u121-b13-4&sta
> mp=1488593057&raw=0 that provides information about used libraries,
> tools, compiler flags, etc.
> A more interesting challenge would be to look at changes necessary for
> producing reproducible builds.
> See
> /amd64/openjdk-8.html for a list of potential issues,
> for an overview of the concept, and
> for
> general issues with making Java builds reproducible.

Yep that's the sort of info we should be gathering in for this effort.


> cheers,
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