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Wed Mar 29 14:00:56 UTC 2017

On 29.03.2017 10:59, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>     As long as we're talking about flow of ideas, that might make sense.
>     If the expectation is that patches and build infra code would get
>     promoted
>     into OpenJDK, I think that's very unlikely, as OpenJDK requires an
>     OCA for contributions, while GitHub does not. So over time, the cost
>     of untangling who did what in some random GitHub repo in order to
>     arrive at something that can be contributed tends to overshadow any
>     benefit from such accumulations of code.
> Sure, that's actually a cycle I want to introduce (some sort of CLA) but
> appreciate the IP flow here.

There is no need for any cycles.

OpenJDK Projects can not take random code from GitHub (or any other 
place). Regardless of the arrangement you arrive at for managing some 
GitHub repo.

As soon as you start having more than one contributor, you end up with 
something none of them can go ahead and just contribute on their own. At 
that point the conversation about contributions becomes exponentially 
more complicated, and in the overwhelming majority of cases it's not 
worth spending the time or effort on.

> Which we might do if this thing has legs, but it has a long way to go to
> see if it's useful or desirable yet.

Sure, but in that case you should not really expect to see any of that 
code make its way back into OpenJDK. For example, you most likely won't 
be able to take any such code back into OpenJDK once you do decide to 
start a new Project.

Basically, once you have a PoC of some random idea for the JDK developed 
outside OpenJDK, you might have just enough code to prove some idea 
works, but you may have too much code and history for it to be worth 
putting any work into turning it into something that can be contributed 
back to OpenJDK, if you have more than one contributor.

So one can assume that such externally, 'socially' developed code will 
be in the vast majority of cases undesirable for OpenJDK, regardless of 
its utility. That means the best potential outcome for its authors is to 
produce something useful but undesirable.

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