Request to remove the --allow-script-in-comments flag which was added to the standard doclet in 1.8.0_121

Peter A peter.abeles at
Thu May 18 15:03:38 UTC 2017

That addition in 1.8.0_121 broke a LOT of projects. What it does is without
the flag you can't add javascript to your JavaDoc. The general consensus is
that it appears to be some sort of security enhancement by forcing people
to explicitly allow JavaScript when it's added to javadoc. However, you
have to go out of your way to insert JavaScript into your JavaDoc anyways
so I'm not sure what it accomplishes besides creating headaches for a lot
of people.

   - To see the wake of devastation it caused do a search for
   - According to [1] it is in the standard doclet and not the actual
   javadoc code.
   - Here's a discussion of the problems it has caused for Gradle [2].


- Peter

P.S. Apologies if this is the wrong list. Still getting my head wrapped
around what goes in here and what doesn't.

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