Reference implementation of JavaME

Carl Jokl carl at
Sat May 20 11:29:53 UTC 2017

Dear all

I mentioned to Ben Evans about my desire to create an open source reference
implementation of JavaME equivalent to Open JDK but for the lowest end
feature phones that could possibly run JavaME. This is intended to help the
developing world lower cost and effort to Java enabling the cheapest of the
cheap feature phones. Implementors only need to implement code specific to
their handset.

I want to hack on some bottom end Nokia feature phones to see what can be

I wanted to call this project "Higgs" after the Higgs sub partial in
reference to creating the smallest possible JVM with any

Should a JSR be raised for this effort?

London Java Community Associate for Mobile/Embedded/IoT
Member of JavaME Working Group.

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