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2017-05-20 13:39 GMT+02:00 Ben Evans <benjamin.john.evans at>:
> Hi Carl,

Hi all,

Good luck with this effort, sounds really like a fun project :)

IANAL but I have a small point:

> In terms of general advice, I would suggest that you license this
> project under the GPL and baseline from OpenJDK 7

+ Classpath exception for the class libraries, GPL alone won't be
appealing since you can't link non GPL code and it's not compatible
with other OSI licenses either.

I mention that because it is your right to remove the Classpath
exception from derivative uses, so you should be aware of that and
understand the license you adopt correctly.

For low resources mobile an AOT VM is probably your best friend.
Sounds like a fun time to revive GCJ ;)

OpenJDK own AOT is described here:

> I'm not quite sure which standard(s) you'd need to target, but
> JSR 139 - might well be a good
> start.

I may be wrong but I think the last mobile JSR is 361:

It's a few years I don't work on this anymore though, so I didn't
follow its development, probably for very low power devices the 139
maybe a better start, however, if I remember correctly this one is
based on a stripped down JDK 1.3 or something and at the very least
you will need to "clean up" all the generics out of the public APIs,
if I'm not wrong, 361 supports generics.

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