Jacob Glickman jhg023 at bucknell.edu
Mon Apr 30 17:25:58 UTC 2018

I originally posted this in 'discuss', but was redirected to here.

Hello!  My name is Jacob, and I just joined as an OpenJDK contributor the
other day.  I have a plethora of ideas regarding new methods to add to
existing APIs; however, I'm not entirely sure how to go about proposing
them (or, at least, *where* to propose them).  Specifically, I was looking
for the mailing list that covers Java's Collections API, but I'm not sure
which one that would be (if I had to guess, it would be jdk-dev).  I've
read over the "How to Contribute" page as well, but I'm still confused
regarding how to build the JDK (or even where to get the files from to make
changes).  If anyone could provide me with some tips that helped them when
they joined, I would be very grateful!

- Jacob

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