The future of numerics in Java.

A Z poweruserm at
Thu Mar 29 01:54:10 UTC 2018

To who it may concern,

I has hoping that someone could discuss or inform
me about the particular view about the future of numerics
and number mathematics for Java, particularly when it comes
to arithmetic, elementary algebra and functions support.

These questions pertain to the present arithmetic overflow
and underflow problem with float and double,
however they also largely pertain to the present lack
of operator support for arithmetic, in the absense of floating
point overflow.

The "thing" would be arbitrary precision mathematics,
certainly with logarithms, nth roots, powers, forward
and inverse trigonometry, pi computation, e computation
etc. but all on a number type that supports operator usage
in source code for the programmer.

What is the general plot here?  How long will Java developers
have to wait for these very important improvements
at the type and operator syntax level, in their
favourite software programming language?
Certainly if these requirements have been a "hankering"
for as soon as possible for mathematics, scientific, engineering
developers everywhere in the world?

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