MultiOS Installer.

Sławomir Lach slawek at
Fri Jan 18 15:19:29 UTC 2019

I discovered a way to create MultiOS (Windows 10 and GNU/Linux) hybrid (bash 
and cmd) scripts. I also created bash script, which create installer working 
in both Windows 10 and GNU/Linux environment. You pass few parameters, like 
name of os-independent archive to include in script, name of Windows program 
to include in script and name of Linux program to include by script. Scripts 
created by my script detects OS it was running, extract common file, extract 
included program for correct platform and run it passing path to common file 
as an parameter.

I see few use-cases, for example:
1. Create MultiOS OpenJDK installer. We pack common files for Windows and 
Linux (compiled Java files?) into archive with common files. We also pack 
installers for Windows 10 and GNU/Linux. User download single installer, which 
will works both on GNU/Linux and Windows 10. In future you could add support 
for more platform
2. Create self-extracting, self-hosted Java/Java programs installer. You/We 
can create program to create scripts working both on Windows and GNU/Linux. 
These scripts will contains program written in Java and small programs to 
download Java for specific platform. Mother script will detects platform, 
extract Java program, detects OS and extract correct program. Extracted 
program will test Java is installed. If not, it will download and install Java 
and run extracted Java program. If it is installed, it will only run extracted 
Java program, Brilliant - we have MultiOS way to distribute Java programs. 
Even Windows user don't have to install Java by hand to ran Java programs.

If you don't have a time, don't read page pointed by url below (I described 
the most in this mail):

Lach Sławomir.

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