Two comments on the Constants API

jbvernee jbvernee at
Mon Jun 4 22:43:03 UTC 2018


Allow me to way in as someone who spends a lot of time exploring the JDK 
code through my IDE.

The main way I expect people to find out about these new interfaces is 
not through reading the javadoc or by looking at the source code, but by 
using IDE auto-complete on an expression of one of those types. For 
instance, in Eclipse I can type in `"Hello World!".` then press 
ctrl-space and it displays a list of methods that I can call on 
`String`. This is provided out-of-the-box functionality. Looking at the 
source code or javadoc through the IDE on the other hand requires me to 
manually attach it to the "JRE System Library" that I'm using (in 
Ecplise at least, which is a non-obvious process), which I don't expect 
many non-experts to be interested in. Though I can see people finding 
out about it in the online javadoc as well.

The next thing I expect people to do, is to type in the name of one of 
the methods into google, after which they will probably end up at either 
Stack Overflow, the online javadoc, or some other blog-type website that 
explains what it is. (I'll be on SO to answer the questions).

So I'm not sure how much adding another interface would actually help. I 
might be biased though, since I use the auto-complete feature a lot to 
'explore'. (if you do add it though, please make it package-access in 
java.lang, to avoid people trying to implement it themselves).

Best regards,
Jorn Vernee

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