deduplicating lambda methods

B. Blaser bsrbnd at
Tue Mar 27 19:04:52 UTC 2018

On 27 March 2018 at 01:14, Liam Miller-Cushon <cushon at> wrote:
> Hi Vicente,
> I pushed an updated webrev to:
> [...]
> Finally, I agree with Brian and Louis that we should have stronger
> evidence that more sophisticated handling of no-ops would be a win before
> adding complexity to support that. Inter-file handling of very common
> lambdas
> might be a more beneficial future improvement.

I think we have to be careful with the stats' interpretations because
they often express what we want them to.
Real life code-bases are rarely the ones we choose carefully for our statistics.
There's often a lack of coding conventions and many duplications (with
different coding styles), that's why I suggest to activate this
feature with an option depending of programmers' judgments.

Of course, inter-file common trivial shapes would be rather
straightforward and probably would also bring some good results on
quite a lot of code-bases as discussed previously.


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