Serialization of object identity

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Jun 12 19:26:34 UTC 2019

> In fact, the cyclic graph issue is a result of an inability to represent
> object identity in serialization, which is a much larger problem.

Actually, they're two entirely different problems.

The challenge with cyclic graphs is not that we have to respect identity 
-- that can be done (it is up to a particular serialization to decide if 
it is going to do so.)  The challenge with cyclic graphs is that 
logically cyclic graphs cannot, in general, be reproduced through a 
series of constructor calls -- some mutation is required as well.  Which 
conflicts with our main security goal, that deserialization proceed 
through constructors.

(It is possible, at the cost of significant complexity for both the 
framework and class authors, to have a more complex model that can 
reflect post-construction mutation -- but the incremental complexity and 
risk is significant.)

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