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On Mar 28, 2017, at 1:04 AM, Andrey Breslav <andrey.breslav at> wrote:
> For completeness, since Remi aimed at listing all alternatives, I think we should not forget Object algebras: <>
> My experience has been that this pattern is good for observing data structures (transforming, pretty-printing, etc), but it's usually hard to implement, say, equals() through it

Thanks for the reference.  Cook's work on batches is probably relevant.
There is something deep going on here, and that paper shines some light on it.
I hope we can connect Java deeply to the sorts of patterns they talk about.

Since matching is not (yet, officially) on the table for Amber, it would be
premature to use this venue to say much more.  One teaser: I hope
to get some time to write about what I think of as "metamorphic programming",
or coordinated hooks for the "tear down" and "build up" of data.

— John
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