[raw-strings] Indentation problem

John Rose john.r.rose at oracle.com
Tue Jan 30 00:19:09 UTC 2018

Sorry, Tagir, I'm with Remi on this one.

Baking conventions into a language is dangerous,
and must be proven either canonical in some way
or harmless.  (Floating point tokens are canonical
by reference to C, javadoc was a harmless design decision
in the context of Java.)  Tagir's proposals for indentation
control are very clever but neither canonical nor harmless.

Jim's proposal is carefully designed to be as minimal
and simple as possible.

I expect most of the feedback will be, like Tagir's,
to the effect that Jim has missed some crucial feature,
so that if only the proposal were less minimal in
some way it would be better.

But minimality itself is a feature, one to be protected
and defended, especially against committees of
people each of whom has their favorite non-negotiable.

That said, I will (in another message) argue (in a
different way) that Jim's proposal is very slightly
too simple, in a way that makes it fail to meet its
primary goal.  Spoiler:  I think I can prove that
Markdown code quoting is appropriately minimal
in its design, in a way Jim's is not.

— John

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