[RSL] RSL update

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Tue Jun 26 22:42:19 UTC 2018

2018/6/26 5:09:35 -0700, brian.goetz at oracle.com:
> ...
>                      ... putting something in the language must meet a 
> higher burden than putting it in a library. If we get the library wrong, 
> we can fix it; if there are more than one reasonable way to do 
> something, we can provide alternate library points for the other cases 
> (.alignDammit()); and users can always create their own libraries for 
> string manipulation if the built-in ones are not right for their 
> purposes. But, if we put it in the language, this will be the Only Way 
> Forever. The bar there is high.

I agree with Brian and Jim: This is, really, the key point.

We could bake a heuristic into the language after seeing that it works
well for an existing large set of use cases.  It will still, however, be
just a heuristic, and as such it’s going to be wrong for some other use
cases and, as we’ve seen, in some of those cases it will be difficult to
work around.

It’s both clearer and simpler to say that the language will never change
the apparent content of a string, raw or otherwise, and leave further
manipulation to well-designed libraries.

- Mark

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