Next draft of JEP 325 Switch Expressions available

Gavin Bierman gavin.bierman at
Wed Jun 27 14:22:56 UTC 2018

I have uploaded a draft spec for JEP 325: Switch expressions at

This is a comprehensive rewrite of the previous draft and includes the new `case L ->` switch labels for both switch expressions and statements. 

* Section 14.11 (switch statements) has been rewritten completely. There is now a new subsection on switch blocks.
* The grammars for switch statement and switch expression are now identical!
* I have changed some terminology: a switch block now contains either switch labeled statement groups (as before) or switch labeled *rules* (instead of clauses). Let me know if you like this new terminology (“rule" instead of “clause"). 
* The control statements - break, continue and return - have all been re-specified using a similar style to make it clearer that they are all delimited control operators, and how other constructs delimit their control. 
* Details of how switch expressions are type checked is now included. 

This is now quite a long spec - apologies!


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