Lifting the restriction on the number of public classes per file

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Sorry for delay. Can we unpack the "for whatever reason" part?  For what

Unsurprisingly to anyone, we actually hard-ban this practice here. Multiple
top-level classes per file just make code harder to find; what are the

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> This was received through amber-spec-comments.
> I agree with the general sentiment, especially for sealed types, where we
> want to define an entire sealed type hierarchy in a single compilation unit
> (but for whatever reason, prefer not to nest the subtypes in the super
> type.)  There are some details to be worked out (e.g., use of the
> SourceFile attribute by tools).
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> In the face of the changes in code style that records will bring about, has
> there been renewed discussion about lifting the restriction?
>    public interface Blue;
>    public record IKB() implements Blue;
>    public record Azure() implements Blue;
>    public record Royal() implements Blue;
> Having to place each line in the code above in its own file seems harsh.

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