String reboot - (1a) incidental whitespace

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Wed Apr 17 17:23:12 UTC 2019

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:56 AM Jim Laskey <james.laskey at> wrote:

String query = """
>                WHERE `CITY` = ‘INDIANAPOLIS'
>                ORDER BY `EMP_ID`, `LAST_NAME`;
>                """;
> In the incidental whitespace discussion, this aligns with closing
> delimiter influencing indentation.  Brian and I have been of four minds on
> this, where I tend to favour closing delimiter influence and Brian tends
> otherwise. My strongest argument thus far has been, "Swift does it."

I'm sorry I'm not completely caught up on this discussion yet and may have
missed something. But I'm confused what the alternative to using the
closing delimiter position is. You certainly don't want to magically use
the column position of the *opening* delimiter in this example!  That is
*definitely* incidental, as it depends on what the `query` variable got
renamed to later by some refactoring tool. Variable renames shouldn't
change program behavior.

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