To align, or not to align?

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Gonna requote it:

"When I open a block, I increase [indentation level] by N. When I close a
block, I decrease it by N. Continuation line, maybe +2N. I move in and out
based on what's happening locally.  However, I have no care at all for what
the current absolute value of that indentation is.  Maybe it's 10, maybe
it's 14, whatever; that value is irrelevant to me, it simply emerges from
how nested I happen to be."

I'd like to know if anyone is disputing that this is indeed how developers
look at indentation.

Because if it is, then it's a very general property, which no specific
local language feature has ever violated before, and I think this is how we
should look at it.

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> On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 11:32 AM Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at>
> wrote:
> So I think the question really comes down to: what _is_ a multi-line
>> string literal.
> I think that question is so abstract and philosophical as to not be
> useful. I sent the previous message because I believe it is a better way to
> frame the issue.
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