To align, or not to align?

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Apr 18 19:35:35 UTC 2019

On Apr 18, 2019, at 12:02 PM, Kevin Bourrillion <kevinb at> wrote:
> Gonna requote it:
> "When I open a block, I increase [indentation level] by N. When I close a block, I decrease it by N. Continuation line, maybe +2N. I move in and out based on what's happening locally.  However, I have no care at all for what the current absolute value of that indentation is.  Maybe it's 10, maybe it's 14, whatever; that value is irrelevant to me, it simply emerges from how nested I happen to be."
> I'd like to know if anyone is disputing that this is indeed how developers look at indentation.

No dispute from me!  This is what I wanted to support by mentioning
the "rectangle rule" in the previous message.  Source code is read in
two dimensions.

(The vertical alignment dimension is weakened if you are so unfortunate
as to be viewing program source in a variable-width font.  Which is why
D2 code examples in E-mail are tricky, and programmers like fixed-width

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