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Apparently bash's behavior is to replace <any amount of whitespace,
> backslash, newline, any amount of whitespace> with a single space
> character, and that at least seems like a *useful* behavior for us too if
> we're open to it.

I was forgetting, when I said this, that *another* substantial minority use
case (I want to say at least 15%? These were rough estimates though) for
multi-line strings is really long URLs, checksums, etc., that aren't meant
to have any spaces in them at all. So the bash behavior is not necessarily
what we'd want, although of course consistency with it has some amount of
value in itself.

> Which raises another question: do we allow \<terminator> in SL strings?
>> (I presume so, and we just eat the \ and the terminator.)
> Hmm, I can see how that could be harmless but it seems to blur the
> boundary between the features to me.
> But I've lost track of why we need triple-quote to be different from
> single-quote in the first place. *Could *the notion just be that if you
> newline immediately after opening quote then you are asking for MLS with
> everything that comes along with that?
> Oh, and quite a few of *those* use cases are in annotations like @FlagSpec({"--foo",
>> "long help text about --foo"}), and I'm very happy that these are no
>> longer excluded from indentation stripping.
>> Can you expand this point?  Not sure what you mean by "no longer excluded
>> from indentation stripping", or why it makes you happy.  Can you just give
>> a before/after example for what you mean?
> So sorry: I meant vs. 6 months ago, not that this is new.
> I know I complained about our going back to the drawing board then, but
> where this thread is going now is making us much happier than before.
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Kevin Bourrillion | Java Librarian | Google, Inc. | kevinb at google.com
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