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>> I really like in the syntax proposed by Jim the fact that the single quote " is
>> retconned to allow several lines,
>> it seems the easiest thing to do if we just want to introduce a multi-lines
>> literal string.
> This has already been rejected, because it doesn't address the main use
> cases -- most multi-line snippets still want to have quotes in them
> (SQL, JSON, XML, etc), and thus would still have to be escaped.

ok, i never expect to have a lot of codes using a multi-lines single quote but it's fairly common to have DSLs like JSP, velocity marker, mustache template etc to be compiled to Java source and they contains unicode escapes so using raw strings is not an option.

>> I disagree with Brian that we should try to have an intelligent algorithm to
>> remove the blank spaces
> Thought that's not actually what I proposed.  What I've proposed is to
> start with a choice of "1" or "1a", the latter being "1 with intelligent
> reflow."  So your preference for 1 over 1a is recorded!


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