Call for bikeshed -- break replacement in expression switch

Doug Lea dl at
Wed May 15 23:35:07 UTC 2019

(With continuing deja vu...)

On 5/13/19 3:48 PM, John Rose wrote:

> The rule for developers is that if you
> needed to put a {…} block after your
> arrow ->, then you can still use an
> arrow to return a value, but it must be
> an extra arrow, marked with a keyword
> (or syntax context) that means "here is
> the rest of the arrow you wanted to
> write a moment ago".

Yes, but this arrow should not point right, but up (which was the
thought underlying Smalltalk's choice). Maybe finally use unicode "↑".
Or more conservatively, "^".

I still think a symbol is better than keyword, because there is no
single common word that applies across contexts this may be applied in,
except possibly "yield", that already means something else in Java
(Thread.yield), and several something else's in other languages.

(Meta: What do you call a bikeshed thread in which no one likes anyone
else's suggestions?)


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