Exploring inference for sealed types

Peter Levart peter.levart at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 16:01:50 UTC 2019

Of course! My bad. Compilation unit which usually maps to .java file 
when compiling files...

That's perfectly sensible as a scope to define inference within.

Regards, Peter

On 10/2/19 11:08 PM, Alex Buckley wrote:
> You speak of "compilation unit" as if it means the scope of work 
> performed by javac and Maven. ("compiles each module separately as its 
> own compilation unit")  That's not the meaning. The meaning is as 
> given in 
> https://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jls/se13/html/jls-7.html#jls-7.3
> On 10/2/2019 1:43 PM, Peter Levart wrote:
>> Is compilation unit really the right choice to base inference on?
>> For example, a program may be composed of several modules compiled 
>> all at once in a single compilation unit (javac supports that). This 
>> same program may be compiled with a build system such as Maven, which 
>> compiles each module separately as its own compilation unit. Would we 
>> really want the semantics of a program (or successful compilation 
>> thereoff) depend on the choice of the build tool?
>> What about using (module, compilation unit) as the base to perform 
>> inference within? I understand that compiler may only infer things 
>> within a compilation unit and module is usually compiled as a whole 
>> in one compilation unit (possibly together with other modules).
>> Regards, Peter

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