Draft JLS spec for records - local types

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Sun Oct 6 15:29:44 UTC 2019

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>> When reading the spec, the following caught my attention:
>> """A nested record type is implicitly static. It is permitted for the
>> declaration of a nested record type to redundantly specify the static
>> modifier.
>>    This implies that it is impossible to declare a record type in the body of
>> an inner class (8.1.3), because an inner class cannot have static members
>> except for constant variables.
> Sharp eye!
> Yes, this is sad.  There are three ways to go:
> - Don’t make records implicitly static.
> - Allow static members in inner classes.
> - Don’t allow records in inner classes, at least for now, and do one of the
> others later.
> I don’t like the first one; inner records violate the spirit of records, which
> is their entire representation, API, and behavior is derived from their state
> descriptor.  An inner record would have a hidden extra component, and this
> would raise uncomfortable questions like “how does it play into the equally
> calculation.”  Better to say records are what they look like, which makes them
> implicitly static.

an implicit extra component also doesn't play well with the pattern matching extraction.


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