forbidding serialization methods as members of records

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>> Hi,

>> In the past we discussed about forbidding the declaration of some serialization
>> related methods in records. In particular:

>> writeObject(ObjectOutputStream)
>> readObjectNoData()
>> readObject(ObjectInputStream)
>> I wonder if we still want to enforce that restriction, meaning that it should be
>> reflected in the spec, or if it is not necessary anymore,

> Where we ended up with Serializable Records, is that the runtime is specified to
> ignore these methods if they appear in a serializable record ( there are tests
> that assert this ). The javac restriction is no longer strictly necessary, but
> of course catches effectively-useless declarations early, and without resorting
> checkers, inspection, etc.

It is necessary from a user point of view to have a javac error, having something that silently fails is the worst in term of user experience. 

> -Chris.

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