[pattern-switch] Opting into totality

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Tue Sep 1 00:37:24 UTC 2020

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>> Given that if there is a default it's already a sealed switch and that
>> i can add a default to make it a sealed switch,
>> i struggle to see where to use a classical statement switch and where
>> to use a sealed switch ?
> It feels like we're going in circles :)
> One point here is that total switches are generally better _without_
> default clauses, if that is semantically practical (e.g., enums, sealed
> types, total type patterns) because then you don't have a catch-all that
> sweeps mistakes under the rug.  But the there needs to be a way to
> engage totality checking / handling for statements.
> Totalizing with default should not be your first move.

In that case, what's the point of allowing default ?

And you did not really answer to my question, when should i should prefer one to the other ?


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