[pattern-switch] Opting into totality

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Mon Sep 7 08:20:48 UTC 2020

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>> So I appreciate the brainstorming, but personally don't really see a problem
>> that needs solving here. (Other than the syntax bikeshed.)
> Agreed, it was worth poking around the corners with a flashlight, but
> the exploration brought me back to this point too.  (If we even need it
> at all.)
> Some of the motivation for this exercise has been that some people feel
> uncomfortable at inferred totality.  But, there's a good chance that
> this discomfort is temporary -- this happens every time any sort of
> implicitness is added to the language.   (People freaked out about var
> at first too.)

at least for me, frame it like that doesn't help,
the issue is accidental totality (or accidental non-totality) in a switch statement no problem with neither inferred totality nor with the switch expression.

and to refine the question of this thread, i don't think we need to opt in to full totality, what is needed it an opt in to optimistic totality, adding a default or a case var x is enough otherwise.


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