Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof

Remi Forax forax at
Sun Sep 13 10:28:30 UTC 2020

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> Envoyé: Lundi 27 Juillet 2020 12:53:52
> Objet: Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof

> In JDK 16 we are planning to finalize two JEPs:
>  - Pattern matching for `instanceof`
>  - Records
> Whilst we don't have any major open issues for either of these features, I would
> like us to close them out. So I thought it would be useful to quickly summarize
> the features and the issues that have arisen over the preview periods so far. In
> this email I will discuss pattern matching; a following email will cover the
> Records feature.

I think that Pattern matching for `instanceof` should stay in the preview feature state because as we discuss about how pattern matching works,
there is a strong feeling that both features should be aligned, so i see Pattern matching for `instanceof` being promoted as a non-preview feature as an unnecessary risk until the pattern matching feature is not ready.


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