Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof

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>> I think that Pattern matching for `instanceof` should stay in the preview
>> feature state because as we discuss about how pattern matching works,
>> there is a strong feeling that both features should be aligned, so i see Pattern
>> matching for `instanceof` being promoted as a non-preview feature as an
>> unnecessary risk until the pattern matching feature is not ready.

> There’s a lot of negatives in this phrasing, so can you turn it around and,
> instead of saying what we should not, do, say what you think we should? The
> logical conclusion of what you are suggesting is that we should not ship _any_
> of pattern matching until _all_ of it is ready.

I think we should release features in sync, by example, instanceof T t and switch with the type patterns are the very similar so they should both have the same preview status. 

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