Wrapping up the first two courses

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Fri Apr 26 13:31:24 UTC 2019

I like this scheme; it is clear and the user can control it reasonably well.  For the record, let me register one problem, not because I think this problem _must_ be solved, but because we should be aware of the choice we’re making.  And that is: the use of CDI to indicate “opt out of alignment” takes away the user’s ability to use CDI to say “no trailing newline.”  That is, if I want the following string to be indented to the max: 

> 		String s = """
>     				some
>     			        lines go here
> "”";

the use of the closing delimiter in this way is fine, but then I can’t get the equivalent string with no trailing newline.  So I can use CDI to influence trailing newline, OR alignment, but not both.

FTR I think this is probably OK.  

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